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by on October 1st, 2007

Here we go, off and running, the gate has dropped, we are racing for the whole shot, our power band is all wound up, and we’re trying our best. Or something. This is my post number one on Citizen Wausau, brought to you by the Superstarch group, and Andy Laub. All of it cooler than just about anything else on two wheels.

I had thought about this post for a few weeks, and now I am faced with the launch, and as editor I have nothing in the old hopper. So this is struggling, in public, as an editor…very flattering.

I thought I would make this some grand post about our vision, our technology, our goals…yeah that sounds good. As they say…LET LOOSE THE HOUNDS!!! (I am not sure, but someone has to say something like that.)

The Vision for Citizen Wausau is pretty direct. We want you to talk about your city. It’s a great place. A growing group of young professionals, philanthropy, easy places (sometimes) for you to do volunteer activities, the Weston dog park. Its all here. We want all of it. More than that though, we want to encourage personal voices. We want the person to feel comfortable enough to make comments about the things in this city.

It’s impossible to take this on, without mention of the now-defunct WausauBlog.  We owe the inspiration for this endeavor to Bill at WausauBlog. If you look at the work that he did, and the success he had all by himself, it’s pretty substantial. I have known Bill for a few years. When I started out he was a stay at home Dad, and now Bill has grown into an editor for the Buyers Guide, and I am pretty sure he is selling a ton of pictures… even a highlight of the Exhibitours of recent memory.

So, we are not trying to replace the work Bill did, we are trying to do something completely different. More contributors, different technology, a bigger sort of focus. But at the end of the day, the Wausaublog is our Uncle, and we hope that our Uncle approves.

I have some simple goals for Citizen Wausau, and I think they are attainable, I want to change the world. I want to make as much noise as possible and I want to change the world. Aside from that though, I want to meet the contributors and I hope that we can all see each other at the Citizen Desk launch party.

But I also see this as a place for critical engagement. I want us to be open to new ideas, and I want people to bring their voices of criticism to the table. I think that it’s possible that those folks in leadership might not know what you want – because you didn’t have a tool to communicate it to them. We intend to change that. If you think the Pool Proposal is wrong, we want an article on why you think that. A smart, engaged, well written, personal article.

I want to raise the level of debate in this city. I am a Sorkin-esque discussor. I want to have the better angels of our nature come through, and I want to see what others think. Nothing is set, everything is up for discussion.

So, like Lincoln, I want Citizen Wausau to shoot for the better angels of our nature. I want to see what you have to think. And I want you to respect what I have to say. Together anything is possible.

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