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We are Having a Paaarrrrtty

by on October 3rd, 2007

Citizen Desk Reception RoomI shall simply start with the DEETs…thats how the cool kids say Details.

October 18th. Citizen Wausau is having a party.

Where… Citizen Desk is being kind enough to host it. Where is Citizen Desk you ask? Well shocked you don’t know…but…The Fourth Floor of the Washington Square Building at 300 Third in Wausau.

We already have a growing list of sponsors, who have kindly thrown their support behind our venture with support for our launch party. An amazing group of local business leader all of them.

Please join us in thanking the following businesses:
Thank you!

So, now we know what’s going on. As we all know a community is about taking care of itself. Yeah, we may want this or that post, these or those discussions, but our contributors are donating their work. Putting their names on the line to support this effort. So, maybe the least we could do is throw a party!

Treat yourself to a beer from Capital, and something to nosh on from Downtown Grocery.

Stand around with people who are interested in the things your interested in, or things you have no interest in what so ever, or really just have no idea what they are talking about whatsoever… and just be at a party. Simple. Talking. Laughing. Meeting people.

It’s not a costume party, we are not going to have games to play, or anything like that (though as the night goes on… Marcus is prone to multilingual charades — no one really understands him). And no one has to wear a name tag, or worry about office gossip the next day. Its just a party. The best kind of party. The talking to other people kind of party.

We have to mention a few people specifically who have gone above and beyond what we expected, folks who have thrown their support for our venture on a higher level. These folks have blessed us with their knowledge, and blessed us with their kindness. Thank you.

Randy at Evolutions in Design is helping us. For the record, we think that EID throws the most off-the-hook parties in Wisconsin. They just go and go and go, and are gorgeous, and no one seems tired, and you never get bored. They are highlights, as good as any Studio 54 party ever was, and way better than Diddy’s White Ball in the Hamptons. Both of which I have have been to.

Kari from Wausau Area Events. What can one say about Kari. This is truly a take-the-bull-by-the-horns person. You can see her skills in the vast work she does for WAE like th Bar-B-Que thing she took on and managed. Her helping has been, well, a great help.

And of course Emily, Marcus’s wife. Like Marcus said in his previous post, Em is simply a patient force for all of us. She supports Marcus in so many ways, and in events like this – she really shines. Thank you Emily for all of it.

So thank you to our sponsors, thank you to the big three, and thank you… for taking the time to read this. We hope to see you at the party.

[publisher’s note: Dino has a very vivid imagination about exotic, celebrity endorsed parties. As a matter of fact, you should ask him about his imaginary emotional connection with Cindy Crawford! ]

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