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Its Been a Week (I totally quit)

by on October 10th, 2007

So, Citizen Wausau has been in existence for about a week now. A week and one day, a bunch of hours, some minutes, a few seconds, a couple of tacos, and occasional pitcher of coffee, ten or fifteen shots of espresso, some time in our quiet place…but yeah, a full week of Citizen Wausau. Community has been started, comments have been made, discussion had, phone calls of outrage have been received and ignored, and Guiness has been drunk. I assume this is how this sort of thing goes. Though, like any venture of truly brilliant minds (Cindy Crawford told me I am brilliant, she liked Marcus a little, and thought Andy was just handsome), one can never really chart the flow.

So let’s jump right in. Let’s do a little call to action right away…

The Airport Trees… In case anyone has NOT heard, there is a tremendous public outcry about the trees at the Wausau Airport. Yes, the Wausau airport. Not Mosinee. Wausau has an airport. I grew up in the neighborhood, so I knew all about it. Anyway, my understanding of this is…the FAA under the guidelines of Homeland Security has ordered the trees to be removed. I assume it will make it easier for Delta Force to storm the airport in Wausau in case of a terrorist attack here. It turns out that the Airport Committee which is Chaired by Deb Hadley is meeting tonight, at the Airport Conference room at 6 pm. These trees are number 3 on the Agenda. Maybe if you have an opinion that is the place to express it. Just encouraging civic involvement.

The Crime Wave… Apparently from the news coverage I can gather that right now there are some individuals – possibly part of an underworld crime syndicate – who are robbing places like drug stores, Charter Communications, Little Caesars, and others. I am unsure as to what to make of these sorts of crimes, but I know I am not wearing a hoodie to a pharmacy anytime soon. The Crime Wave of 2007 hit home when a member of the CW family, Abe Gabor, had his bike stolen from the Grand Theatre. Our heart goes out to Abe, and we hope his bike comes home safe sometime soon. So please, lock your doors a little bit more regularly, pay attention to the world around you, and don’t take candy from strangers (a suggestion we can never hear enough).

So, now to our beloved Citizen Wausau. What a great first week it has been. We have seen more contributors and contributions than I expected. I honestly thought it would be slower going in the beginning than this. We have seen posts from Jim Carlson, Tom Neal, Barry Liss, Abe Gabor, Kari Rassmussen… what a great start! So many varied positions on things. So much cool discussion. Just look at the reaction Jim’s post got – at least 10 million comments. Jim’s perspective on downtown is pretty intense, as he has lived directly downtown for about 300 years. Can you honestly remember downtown Wausau without Jim Carlson? Barry Liss…Barry Freakin’ Liss…Barry is the professor at UWMC (can we call it the Stench? We all do) who is the guy who shakes our world the most directly. Barry is not only a great teacher, but he is also a cool dude. I so look forward to Barry posting more and more.

I had not wanted to post about something like this, ever, but to avoid Crandon is foolish. As far as Crandon goes, I think that we can all agree on the basics, and aside from those basics there really is not that much to discuss, short of telling these folks that we feel their pain.

Its an amazing time. It really is. Even with a tragedy like that, we live in a golden time. The fall in Wisconsin. The Packers. The Badgers. ArtsBlock. III on Third. Evolutions in Design. We have a lot to be thankful for. I personally have a lot to be thankful for.

So thank you. A week in, and we feel proud, and we feel like people are getting it. We are making changes all over the board, and adding new features as often as we can (as often as the three of us can be in the same place). But more than the nuts and bolts, we want to say thank you. Thank you for sharing your life with us.

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