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Review: Anything Goes

by on October 15th, 2007

On Friday October 8th, 2007, I attended the CenterStage production, “Anything Goes”. I have been attending this yearly (CenterStage was, until this year, known as the Wausau Insurance Music Society) FREE concert/variety show for the last four years. I have to say that the expanded inclusion of people outside of Wausau Insurance is a welcome addition. I have enjoyed all the performances in the past, and this year was no exception.

Murray and Lorraine (Lee and Beth Garrow) stole the show! Actually, if I had any comments on the negative side, that would be it. The skits with them, though funny and cute, were at times quite distracting. As I was sitting in the seats near the overhang of the balcony, out of the corner of my eye I caught the seemingly old fellow Murray hanging way out from the corner of the opposite balcony. Although he caused the audience to chatter and laugh nervously, it was smack in the middle of one of the band’s numbers. At the completion of that number, Murray and the director, Al Freiberg, exchanged words and Murray was gone…or was he? In the middle of the next band number, Murray came stumbling down the isle of the main floor, lawn chairs clanging as he walked. Although I enjoyed the character, a little more respect for the band would have been nice.

The band was, as it always is, my favorite part of the entire show! I truly am amazed by what can be done with instruments. I am a non-player, so I may be a little wide-eyed and naive, but I truly enjoyed it. The vocal numbers were great and the voices, as always, were like angels. However, if I could send out a suggestion to the group as a whole, please invest in new microphones. There were times that we could not hear the singers or the people on stage doing the skits.

In closing, I would like to stand up, once again, and applaud the efforts of CenterStage, and all of the hard workers in front of and behind the scenes. I love these yearly variety shows and look forward to next year. Although I would pay a lot of money to come see you, I am glad it was still free!

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