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Throwing Question Darts at an Opinion Dartboard

by on October 17th, 2007

So, living in Wausau…or near Wausau…one is confronted with some questions. Not bad questions, but at the end of the day, you are left wondering some things. Or rather I am. Just a guy, wondering some things. I am posing these as more of discussion starters. Not really any sort of aggressive real intense focus, so lets not read too much into them.

  1. How old is the Grand Theater? I have seen that one old photo in the ticket office hallway of the Theater before it became the Theater, but how long was it there before that? Who built it? Why did they build it?
  2. What existed before the mall? See, this is unfair, because I know the answer. But do you remember before the mall? Do you remember when schools had smoking areas, and open campus for lunch?
  3. Where did you get your senior portraits taken? I went to some guy in Point with Steve Osswald. Looking back, whoever thought mock turtlenecks were a good idea…moron.
  4. Where did you learn to swim? My first memory of swimming is at one of the hotels, swim lessons with my mom. Trying to hold my breath for longer than all the other kids. I taught swim lessons at the YMCA for Sue Lewitzke, and at the place in Marathon City for Stacy Gering. Both of those ladies are responsible for millions of us not drowning.
  5. How does one run for office here? I was looking at the city website, and honestly could not really wade through it.
  6. Speaking of office, who are Wausau’s Kennedy’s or Bush’s? Political families, husband and wife teams. Are there any out there now?
  7. Speaking of the Bush’s…does Wausau have a celebrity class? We have all seen these VH1 shows about celebrities, or TMZ, or all the rest…do you think we have that here? Are there VIP parties? I don’t go, but maybe you do.
  8. Is anyone smarter than a librarian? What a resource we have here in Wausau, that is a top notch place to borrow books. Borrowing books…hmmm. Might be a post about that in my future.
  9. Where do you buy books? I know I love Janke book store, I really do. I go there and buy Parker Jotters when I am feeling upset, or nervous. But I don’t buy books there. I have a hard time in the book section, it for some reason makes me uncomfortable, so I go see Al. Al’s got books.
  10. Does it feel like change or do I simply need to shave and take a nap? I have a new Gillette Fusion Power Razor, so maybe the shave. There is a Citizen Wausau party coming, and we all know I need to meet a girl I can take home to mom. But more than that, Wausau feels different now. Part of it is still living “The Turtle Theory” life, but some of it is not. I wonder often what is next.
  11. What is the difference between Fine Arts and Arts? Today I got a Facebook thing about the Wausau Fine Arts Militia or something, and all my life I have been a questioner…what are the fine arts, versus what are the regular arts. I have always found it sort of insulting to call something a fine art, and I have consistently bristled at it.
  12. Have you heard about Central Wisconsin Mommy? Its a website.
  13. How does one volunteer at Wausau Area Events? We all love what they do, concerts, balloons, pork, other stuff…but do you walk in the door and volunteer? Or do you sign up online? I have never really known. I might want to volunteer someday to be a ChalkFest judge, that would be cool…but more than that…how does one do it?
  14. What is the bickering about as far as the Humane Society? I mean puppies and kitties need loving.
  15. Whatever happened to the Wausau Cyclones?

Well given the tone of all things self evident, I thought I would just throw some stuff out there. I think it is fascinating today, at this moment, to be here, in this place. We have a chance to make such strides, to move beyond this sort of entrenched crap of city council politics (hello voting block), and look to our place in the state as something more.

Look at the state of Wisconsin as a whole. We have a chance to be leaders. To lead our state in new ways that include technology, recreation, industry. If you look at cities of like sizes, well we can do more than they can. But will we? Will our leaders see past this sort of inbred bickering we have going on now, and look to the future? There is nothing more tiring than listening to folks complain about the two new buildings being this or that…sakes alive those buildings put people in downtown that were not in downtown a year ago.

I wish you all luck.

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