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What Happened to III on Third Street?

by on October 30th, 2007

III of Third Closing?You know, this is really a bit depressing.

First it was Kelly’s.  Then it was Kelly’s, only this time it was the Murdochs’ venture.  Then it was Kelly’s again, but back to the old owner.

Most recently it became III.  My wife and I have spent many evenings there meeting with friends, listening to music or just having a quiet drink together.  It’s one of the few smoke-free establishments downtown.

So you can imagine my shock today when I strolled past III on Third today.  There’s paper in the window announcing a change – again.  What’s happening over there?

The rumors say that two of the three co-owners were bought out by the remaining owner, but I have no way of  confirming this.  Hmm… interesting development though, especially since there’s a new Chinese restaurant opening next store in the former Something’s Brewing space.

Side note:  do we need another Chinese food restaurant?

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