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The Wausau Freecycle Network

by on November 20th, 2007

Recently, I read online that Americans toss 195 tons of garbage every year. That amounts to over 1400 pounds a year per person, a staggering statistic, and landfill space is at a premium. The obvious answer to this problem is to reduce, reuse, and recycle much more efficiently than we ever have before. That’s where Wausau’s Freecycle Network is making a difference. The Freecycle Network is a nationwide movement dedicated to encouraging recycling, one that goes beyond simple trash sorting. The group seeks to reduce waste by encouraging members to offer their unwanted items up for grabs rather than adding to the ever increasing mounds of garbage in our landfills. The Wausau chapter of the Freecycle Network boasts over 1000 members to date. Whether you’re looking to clean out the clutter or you’re in search of a used item, you can post information on the network boards and find the connection you’re looking for. Whether it’s a piano, tv, fax machine, computer, book or even a used orthodontic retainer (no kidding!) – there’s a home waiting for your stuff. The main rule? Everything must be free. There is no trading, no compensation, and no exceptions to the rule. So far, I’ve given away a washing machine, a dvd player, an old car stereo, and even a broken printer. On the flip side, I’ve received a wonderful card table and a computer desk for my husband. Anyone can join, and non-profits are welcome to post their needs as well. So, in the interest of saving our planet, I’d like to challenge each of you to look around today and find that one thing that you’ve been meaning to throw away, and post it on Freecycle instead. Join today by clicking here:

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