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First Tracks in 2008

by on January 1st, 2008

As I sit here on this New Year’s morning, lost in the love of my keyboard, I am faced with questions, and answers, and predictions, and more questions. So I thought I would jump in the pool first, and be the first idiot to take on our virtual Polar Bear Plunge of 2008. A veritable cacophony of randomness brought on by long hours of no work, loss of mental stimulation, and overall sitting still for way too long.

This year, 2008, will be the first full calendar year for Citizen Wausau. Some of the features appear to be coming out of beta, and we have tenative plans to add more things. But that is the future, let’s not dwell. It adds pressure, and we do not want that.

For me, this process has been a real blessing. At the beginning of this I did not know Andy at all. I actually had no idea who he was. I have known Marcus since youth hockey, or high school, or Key Club, or really I have no idea…so I do not count that. But Andy, somebody not even known to me, has become someone that I have become enriched by talking to everyday, sometimes way too often. Andy has revealed himself to be an infinitely talented guy, as he built this world that we call Citizen Wausau. So thank you Andy for your infinite ability, and your newfound friendship. Through Andy a lot of parts of my life that I used to consider so important are being rediscovered, so thanks.

But more importantly, we need some start of the year snark (to steal a word from Bill Coady, the father of WausauBlog). I thought I would pose some questions, and maybe you could give it some thought, and maybe you could post your own questions. Maybe, just maybe, you could start sending us posts as well.

So, I was wondering (and please lets not read too much into these questions; it’s 1 am and I am listening to the Rollins Band so who knows what is going to happen next)…

  1. 9 Mile Swamp is a county park I believe. When was it formed? How does the county go about establishing a park? What is that process? Does the DNR take part in that management of wildlife and nature?
  2. Have you met Robert Mentzer? He is a reporter/blogger/provacatuer at the Wausau Daily Herald. Have you read his blog? He is a real content creator, his blog has expanded into a really cool radio show on the community radio station I keep hearing about WNRB (though I wonder who thought it was a good idea to do that here in Wausau?). I dig Rob to no end. And he knows a thing or two about logistics.
  3. How much of the Wausau community is aware of the daily workings of the Marathon County Board, and the City Councils of the Communities they live in? That was a bad sentence, but get over it. I guess the question boils down to: how many people are civic-minded?
  4. Does the guy who owns the Wausau Woodchuck live here in the winter?
  5. What ever happened to Free Wheel’n Cyclery?
  6. Did you know that the Village of Weston has CORE VALUES? It is on the website. Wow!
  7. Is it inappropriate for a grown man to wear white socks to work?
  8. When can a guy get a good long john or jelly donut around here?
  9. Why was there no coverage of the employee at Community Development getting let go over misuse of funds? I do not know much about it, but from what I hear, it was a pretty big deal.
  10. Can someone please ask Jim O’Connell to run for mayor? Seriously, this is a man who works in a position that suffers tremendous scrutiny, and he is a real builder of bridges. Look at the amazing things that his team has done, let him run the city.
  11. What is your favorite local band? Event? Person? Street? Direction to walk in? Movie place? Pool to swim in? Hand to write with? Hairbrush to use in the morning? Type of toothbrush? VHS or Betamax? What is the coolest car in town?
  12. Do you own an iPod? Do you listen to podcasts (not like we’re asking for any real reason or thinking about something for Citizen Wausau to do)?
  13. Have you ever ridden a horse? Why would you do that?!?
  14. What is it going to take to get you to write a post here at Citizen Wausau?
  15. Are you excited about AT&T becoming a member of our cellular market?
  16. Do you garden? Do you eat what you garden? Do you can what you garden?
  17. Have you been to the Weston dog park?
  18. Do we need more water slides? Why do we not have a go kart track or a miniature golf course?
  19. Can someone please explain to me why the gas station on the corner of 29 and Camp Phillips has gambling machines in it? Is this legal? Am I telling you something you did not know yet? Who thought people needed to hang out in a convenience store more?
  20. Do you have blackjack?
  21. Can someone please tell me where THE RIVER DISTRICT shops are?  I have seen these ads on television, been to the WAE website, Main Street, they all sort of are broken and not working.  I know where the river is.  I just don’t know about any shops on the River.

So I had thought about making some predictions about things that are going to go on here in Wausau in 2008, but honestly I am sort of tired. I want to go shop on ebay, maybe watch a movie, and fall asleep. I hope you all had as good a 2007 and I did. Thanks for being supportive.

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