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Dear Reader,

by on January 15th, 2008

In the past short months, we’ve been introduced to the arena of web journalism. Not personal journalism (i.e. my own blog), but free-access community journalism on an intimate, local level. Our website is not just a social networking site, or just a bulletin board, or just a hub for bloggers to park their blogs. It’s all of these, and it’s somewhat of a newspaper, with breaking news, updates, opinions, public announcements by high-profile individuals and leaders of our community. This has all happened fast, and it’s great to see.

This has also been a crash course in “how to be a publisher” for me. In our short history as a community site, I’ve made some missteps, the most recent of which was my posting of an e-mail I received. In my excitement to receive supportive feedback, I posted the e-mail in the spirit of “letter to the editor.” However, we didn’t officially have a procedure in place for this sort of submission (we’ve had a policy to group-vet original article posts, but have been looser on submitted follow-up comments). Our Editor pointed out this lapse of judgment and the post was removed.

I regret my error and apologize to the sender. I have made several attempts over the past couple days to correct the situation by contacting the sender, but have not succeeded thus far. The removed comment has generated interest and some conjecture among our readers, so I will continue to follow up with the sender in an attempt to achieve clarification.

Again, I am sorry to have created an inconvenient situation for all those involved, and I can assure that person and all visitors to our site that we as a group are putting procedures in place and refining our policies to ensure that this sort of scenario is never repeated. We believe in open communication and want to provide a trustworthy channel for those seeking a voice.

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