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Granite or Jewel?

by on January 19th, 2008

Had I not lived it – I would never have believed it. This my friends is a break-out year for Granite Peak. They made it happen up there on the hill. I have been skiing a lot this year, especially with my eldest son, and the snow on the hill is fantastic. I’m not a Midwest punk when it comes to skiing. Before I took a job here I was a grad student at the University of Colorado at Boulder for seven years. My wife and I had season passes to mountains big and huge – and the ski hill here, while not comparable in size, has the right stuff to compete in terms of value and enjoyability.

The lift lines are short, the terrain is challenging, and the proximity is unbeatable. I talked to a lift operator and he said that over Christmas weekend over five thousand people skied the hill. What kind of bread is that bringing into our city? Serious bread – that’s what kind.

I talk to the folks riding the lift all the time – they come from Chicago and Milwaukee and Minneapolis just to ski at our local resort. I see UWMC students up there everyday defying gravity at the snowboarding terrain parks. One can’t really help but notice the lifers too – those elderly folks who retain their youth by steadfastly negotiating the slopes, as they have done for the past six or so decades. People who love to ski are invariably strong environmentalists – they are the first to realize that the pollution from the driving they did to get up to the hill has to be offset in other ways.

I hear this past year the hill purchased a new Snowcat plow to groom and shape the hills. We need more – larger terrain and another high-speed sixer, for starters. Who would have thought that granite could form an iridescent jewel? Well done.

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