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Remuralizing & Demoralizing

by on January 30th, 2008

I just wanted to attempt to resurrect or take the pulse of the idea bandied about a short while back re: recreating the Scott Street Pub’s upstairs wall mural. The gist of the idea was that, since a detailed photographic record exists of the entire mural, why can’t it become a community project to recreate it in a new home? Some recommended the Fillmor as a good candidate for a home. Or maybe somewhere in/on ArtsBlock. Is there anyone out there in CW land that is taking this project to heart and under their wing?


I heard that Malarkey’s was broken into this week and their computer equipment was made off with (cheez, lots of crooks lately!). I really enjoyed sitting at the bar and checking out the album cover parade on the big screen … and the recorded music along with it. I’m sure other clients have enjoyed seeing themselves on the slide show on the other screen. I hope the guys at Malarkey’s will have no trouble replacing what was taken. Maybe we can all consider dropping in for a drink and leaving a nice tip.

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