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The Cool Dude Series

by on February 17th, 2008

Part of our purpose here at Citizen Wausau is to celebrate the cool. We live in an amazing city, and there are amazing things happening. We seek to go find the cool folks, and talk to them about what they do, and why they do it, and what kind of fun it is. We don’t want to let this site become some sort of self-referencing fashion show of vanity, something that you can find many other places on the internet. We want it to be something else.

A wise man said that the key to our success is going to be the use of a regular feature. Like pulling from the community blogs on Fridays, we hope and intend to make this a regular feature. We also hope that you all will take it upon yourself and write some cool dude stuff on your own.

Cool by its very nature is not something that can be defined. Cool exists in some sort of collective consciousness, a sort of advanced groovy if you will. What I think is cool is vastly different than what Andy thinks is cool, and what we think is cool is going to be vastly different from what our readership thinks is cool. But somewhere, somehow we hope to find the cool, and to celebrate it.

This week we start with a feature about a cool dude named Gary Barden. Gary is a passionate man, and honestly is someone that I look up to very much. A graphic designer, I carry one of his designs as a tattoo on my right arm, so clearly Gary has made an impact on my life. Gary is also much more than that as an owner of two businesses, and a passionate person about his home life and family. A cool dude, this Gary Barden, and tomorrow you can read all about him.

Trying to preview what will be in the cool dude series is a little bit tough. Naturally in the beginning they are going to be people I can sit down and talk to. So far I have met with Jim Rosenberg, and we’ll be hearing from Jim O’Connell as well. I have a tentative plan to sit down and talk to Deb Hadley as she runs for Mayor, and with Linda Lawrence as she returns to public life. Along with the politicians I am hoping to meet with music icon Jim Carlson, and home grown grocer Kevin Korpela.

It’s an inspiring world we live in, and I hope that we can find something you like, and maybe you can tell us someone you would like us to talk to. Though, in all honesty, I am hoping that you guys write these as often as we do.

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