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I love my DaDa

by on March 3rd, 2008

It’s true. I love my DaDa. It is “my secret life.” It is my question 15.


My tube to an philosopher.
My hat to head. Identity,
I hat to head.
Day. I head. anti-artist. You
My head. An anti-artist.
It, to my secret You


I am required to make sense all day. I get paid to tell you clearly and succinctly what is going on around here. I produce.


Write. All all over the
Write. All the goes
And then buttons goes over
I write. I push buttons
Edit All all goes over
Write. Time. It all goes


That is why at the end of the day, I DaDa. It’s just good for my soul. It is my secret identity; it is my question 15; it is my experiment in unreason.


Question identity. You loves and
Come your question Your secret
With me. Your identity. Loves
We. Question secret identity. You
With me. Share secret and
Come Share your Your loves


And I guess the reason I’m telling you, dear Citizen Wausau, I’m sharing my secret identity, I want to know if there are anymore out there. Anymore DaDa-ers, DaDa-ists, DaDa-doers. Are you out there?


Not alone. Of DaDa people.
A are large troupe
We Wausau of not
Wausau are DaDa of
Are not alone. Troupe Together.
Wausau large people. Troupe


It’s so easy to leave your DaDa Comment.

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