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Seven Questions written in hiding in the Library One Afternoon

by on March 7th, 2008

I have found that the longer I go unplugged from the world of cyberspace, the better things get for me. We have a rule up north: no laptops (unless you’re a musician from outside of Wisconsin, then we understand). We try to let you do your business, but eventually we encourage you to put it away. I try that on weekends, and it really works well. Sitting in the library reminds me that ideas are often the best when they are on paper, not on a screen. I remember in college carrying around giant anthologies, now kids probably just buy the Amazon Kindle. Saving the environment, but at what price I ask you.

Off to the questions:

  1. What romantic memories do you cherish? Not just interpersonal, but in general. I remember playing catch with my father, in the front yard. Catching ground balls and pop ups. I never played softball, because of this. And even now, I collect baseballs, and love baseball games, and baseball movies. That might be why when my friend Sullie and I get to zero Brewer games in a season it breaks my cold black heart.
  2. What do you collect? Not like music or movies. But what do you collect that is sort of intrinsically you? I have a friend who I think collects colored theatre masks. I was in his garage, and I think I saw these masks. And a lot of them. Why those things? My Aunt Weileda collected salt shakers, and had thousands of them. Even built a shelf around her whole house to put them on.
  3. What is your favorite movie? I just watched a Star Wars documentary, and realized that is not my favorite movie of all time. I think it might be Apocalypse Now, though There Will Be Blood is right there as well. And you can never count out Top Gun.
  4. “I gotta tell you milkshake, your mouth is really writing some checks that your cup can’t cash!” – Carl
  5. Did you see Gypsy? Are you aware of the great work that comes from Community Theatre here in Wausau? The singing, and the dancing, and the stories. Oh, and how my heart lept for joy.
  6. I was wondering, why was the City Pages not represented at the debate last night? Or for that matter Channel 9? Just asking.
  7. Are earrings on men so common that they have almost become passe? I am thinking of a career in fashion, and maybe I want to bring back the small gold hoop for men. At what age do young people exert themselves and their individual style?
  8. I was wondering if you had ever heard of a band called Freedown? More importantly – and I am stealing this question from my friend Eric – if Martin Scorsese was making the movie of your life, what songs would be on your soundtrack?
Bonus Round! Great googily moogily!

Letter A: If you win the lottery, what would your dream car be? Would you live here in Wausau, or would you move?

Letter C: Do you own and ride a bicycle? Not like for training or spandex, but just for fun?

Option 11: Have you ever had an Egg Creme?

Conundrum 13.5: Which is better Alaskan Crab or New England Crab?

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