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Credit Card Scandal?

by on March 24th, 2008

Recently there was a credit card scandal reported, one involving a former Development Office employee. We’ve received a copy of a document that is clearly in regards to a suit filed by the former employee regarding the work place, and her position there.

Download the Jasurda Document (PDF)

What I find the most interesting in this document is the intermingling of City departments, and how it all works. Clearly the presence of an employee of a different agency at the meeting, as is alleged in this document is a bit interesting.

Being new, and hopefully unjaded by the whole of city politics, I find this amazing. I cast no judgment about this issue, but I do feel it is significant. Mr. Morrissey and Ms. Fish are arguably two of the most powerful and influential people in city government. Clearly they do a great job, but it is fair to ask these questions.

I find it interesting that this information is coming out now, in this close proximity to the Mayoral race. Clearly there is some intent with this document getting to us in this time frame. As if to frame the city as some how out of control, and it all falls on the Mayors shoulders. I think that it is not the case. Clearly this is a document about Mike Morissey, and his own actions.

But you make your own determination. We thought it was significant.

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