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Your Voice: Earth Month Pledge

by on March 27th, 2008

[A Note from Dino: I know typically we pull a post from the Community on Monday for Your Voice.  We felt that this was such a welcome addition that we would put it up here in a timely manner.  I have personally pledged to take public transit to and from work each day, all month.  What will you do?  What commitment can you make?]


The Commission for a Greener Tomorrow was established in the summer of 2007 by the City of Wausau to encourage greater awareness of sustainability issues in the Greater Wausau area.  Volunteers staff various teams dealing with issues ranging from waste and recycling to transportation, locally-produced food and clean water.  The goal is to reduce waste, promote healthier lifestyles, adopt more environmentally-friendly practices and also capture cost savings where that is possible, too.The objective of the Commision has been to enhance all the wonderful things that are already happening in Central Wisconsin in relationship to “sustainability” NOT reinvent new projects and activities!  The Commission members have been working very hard to identify what is happening, We know we still have a way to go — but it is a wonderful start!!

The Commission for a Greener Tomorrow has decided to challenge people in Central Wisconsin to observe “Earth Month” in April to participate in their own way. “The Earth Month Challenge” was created to be a month of education, celebration and action for the natural world in which we live ,” explains Commission f– The Commission hopes to set an example for people and businesses how simple lifestyle changes can make a difference. Earth Month opportunities have been listed on the commission’s webpage and they include everything from using eco-friendly fertilizer to green up lawns this spring to taking a walk around their neighborhoods.*

So, take the Challenge— make your pledge at


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