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13 Questions as Bootsy Collins Rattles the Plaster Off My Walls

by on March 28th, 2008

I have come down.  Truly.  The Easter Weekend was the mighty Scott Holt weekend up north, and from that I finally have returned to Earth.  I did not have voice, so I could not record anything at work, and as a result spent a whole week reading.

Tonight, the walls shake, the dog looks on me with a pained expression of self knowledge, and I dance.  I dance the dance of release.  The dance that brings it all around to 1991, and a joy for life that I have longed for.  The big-brained super discussion from the past today, the collaboration of a willing partner that has inspired me since 1988, and lambasted my 20’s like a schooner in a storm.

So I come to you tonight, with a rolling piano in my head, and a booty I am backing up in my own basement.  A booty rich in fun, and silly Nike Rufus shoes not made for dancing, but rather made for post hockey warmth.  I no longer wonder who reads these questions, the questions in and of themselves matter in only the asking, not the lurking reader judging those of us who do drop that booty in our basement, not the lurking eye rolling at our celebration, not the scoff who doubts the joy of Keith Uhlig making burnout sound as he runs organinically through his days on Earth.

I have decided it’s not about the best and the shiniest.  It’s about laughing, slow dancing, lilacing, and the secret language of friends.  I wish you the best for this weekend.  I wish you the best forever.  I shall wear a watch, not to tell time, but if I ever see Cameron Loos I want to have a better tan line than he does.

I ride my bike, not to go fast, but to realize that someday Jim Frame and Steve Marshall will return and decide to jump the crik in Kennedy Park, or ride around the mountain until someone ends up in the hospital.  But not for aerobic threshold work, but rather to go fast.  Really fast.

Burritos rule.

  1. Let’s start off hot.  Do you like spicy food?  What is the hottest dish on a menu here in Wausau?  Just an on the menu thing, not a custom deal.  My friend Scott told a story of eating at 7 on Seventh, and the heat of what he touched actually made him hurt.  I like spicy food, but the next day is often hardest.
  2. Can you name your city council person?  Can you name your aldermanic district?  Can you name the wife of your alderman?  Have they knocked on your door?
  3. What kind of batteries do you buy? I am partial to duracell, but really would like to explore rechargeable batteries, but they seem a mystery to me.
  4. Are you a baseball fan?  Did you think about the season as anything other than a steroid fill crapola deal?  I love baseball.
  5. Were you a high school athlete?  I was.  I played tennis with Jim Beier.  We actually had a chant…We suck at Practice.  We threw challenge matches to other teams so we would not have to be the number 1 doubles team.  That was bad.  Coach John was sort of a moron though.
  6. When was your first kiss?
  7. Do you think we are in or going to be in a recession?  What steps are you taking to protect yourself?
  8. Do you think that you will ever see gas prices so high you ride the bus?  What is the ceiling?  How much are we willing to take?  All of a sudden that Rosenbergian scooter seems like a good idea.
  9. Does live music shake you to your soul?  Or are you there to be entertained?  I ask because I am faced with teh self doubt that I might be living my life the wrong way, the passionate pursuits might be a mistake.  I might be doing it wrong.  I listen to Pearl Jam and the TEN record, and it makes me shudder at the power of it.  Yet to some, music is just music.  Its not to me.  I worship it.
  10. Am I going to out grow this anytime soon?  This reflexive self discussion, the desire to communicate?  Do we outgrow that?  You old dudes, mentor a guy.
  11. Have you ever slept under the stars for a whole night?  No tent.  Just laid down, and slept outside.  Drunk does not count.
  12. Who is the Paris Hilton of Wausau?  When you go out, do you see a certain group everytime?  Where do the cool kids go?
  13. How often do you get a new toothbrush?

I wish you nothing but the best.  The world changes in every moment, in every tone, in every dial.  Its right there, in the spinning of your arms in your backyard.  Dizzy and powerful, your skin on fire in the cold air.

Thank you Walk Whitman.  You bring me spring, and I laugh with joy at it.

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