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Did You Know We Have a Trek Store?

by on March 28th, 2008

Coming on the heels of yesterday’s enviro-post I started to think about my bike and when it will be warm enough to ride it to work again. If I’m lucky, it will be at the end of April, and that’s because I have an aversion to cold weather.

But on that subject, did you know Wausau now has a Trek Store? It’s over by Hardees on Stewart Ave (I guess it used to be a carwash?). I’m not totally sure whether it is a Trek-sponsored venture (like a Nike Store) or if that sort of thing even exists, but they only sell Trek and it’s very streamlined and corporate-looking.

What it lacks is any personality, at least for now, that extends beyond the “how can we get you on a bike today?” rhetoric. The other bike stores all have their own, and each have some sort of following (at least the one I go to does), and I wonder if this type of place can pull those people away.

So what say you Wausau? What kind of environment do you prefer when bike shopping? Is Trek even a desirable brand? They’re kind of the Toyota of bikes, in my mind.

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