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Your Voice: Saturday Night Live or Morning or Afternoon

by on March 31st, 2008

[A note from Dino:  As spring springs on us, our thoughts take us away from the computer, and outdoors.  To new hobbies, and to bikes, and camping.  Well, WNRB is a community radio station, and while it might not be a Santa Cruz full suspension dream bike, it might be a hobby you’re interested in.  I have a feeling that it might be a little bit like Citizen Wausau, where it is what you bring to it a little bit.  So, thank you to Tom Neal for this post.]

Saturdays are wide-open … ready for you to jump in and become a part of the community’s Saturday experience. I’m talking about hosting your own radio program on WNRB-LP (93.3 FM, Wausau). Time slots are open on Saturdays for people who’d like to bring their own personalities/musical tastes/viewpoints to the airwaves. Provide the spring/summer soundtrack for people outside washing their cars, or driving around with the windows down, or jogging with their radio headphones on.

Just think: Do an early morning wake-up show, maybe with acoustic alternative or folk music. Or a late-morning classic rock exploration of “B-sides” and deep album cuts. How about blues or classical music in the afternoon? Rule Saturday night with a party mix. Do a one-hour or two-hour show. Buddy up with someone and do a 2-person show.

It’s easy and it’s a gas. A fun sideline/hobby for your life. Takes about 10 minutes to learn the ropes in the studio. Pay is $0 … it’s an all-volunteer station. Studio is on 6th Street on Wausau’s east side at the Wausau Area Hmong Mutual Assoc. offices. Contact me here if you’re interested (there are also open slots on weekdays). And, of course, tune in for my show, Roundtrip, Thursday nights 7-9 for music you just won’t hear on any station in these parts.

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