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When Icons Retire

by on May 12th, 2008

Pack One has been doing a phenomenal job keeping Packers fans abreast of all the off-season happenings with the green and gold.  If you’re a fan at all, do yourself a favor and check out his Packer News blog.  That being said, my intent here is to beat the dead horse that is, the retirement of Brett Favre.

For the longest time, Dino and I have been talking about the retirement of Brett Favre and how I feel about it.  I was disappointed when I heard the news and I can never underestimate the impact that Brett Favre has had on my passion as a fan.  So many times he snatched victory from the jaws of defeat (and unfortunately, vice-versa…) He is an icon and single-handedly led the renaissanceof Green Bay Packers football.

Given all that, I was…relieved.

Have you ever been in a relationship with someone, and they would always threaten to break up with you until, you were just ready for things to be over?  That’s how I was.  I was tired of the speculation every year about retirement and the veiled threats to the GM about going after the players that he wanted and so many people yelling about what the franchise “owed” him.  Enough is enough.

We all knew that day would come, when he wouldn’t be the quarterback of the Green Bay Packers.  I respect him for going out the way he did…on top.  He still could perform at a high level, but I also think he was a three-game losing streak away from musing that he made the wrong decision to come back.  He didn’t need that, and the team full of young players definitely didn’t need that.

I choose to remember him as he was.  He left on his own terms a hero to the fans of Green Bay.  His number will be retired the first game of the season, and there will be some tears.  People will clamor for him to reconsider, thinking he’s the path to success.

Then, Ryan Grant will run for a score and Aaron Rodgers will pass for 3 TD’s and the Packers will beat the Vikings, launching a new era…one I am ready to face.

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