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HR Committee Agenda-July 28th

by on July 24th, 2008

It has been a while since I posted an agenda or meeting minutes.  I got this one in the electronic mailbox, and I knew I had to sit down and relight my personal civic fire.

In the past, others have asked, why post this stuff?  Those dudes and dudettes do not listen to the common man; those folks just listen to the fancy people.  Maybe so, I respond, but maybe you are not speaking the right language.  Maybe they do not know you, and you do not know them.  Either way, I tend to think they listen.

But this HR Agenda jumped out at me.  If we have one area of concern, it is HR.  Mr. Nagle is leaving, Mr. Morrissey left, Kristen Fish moved on.  Anne Werth was named interim boss at Development, but the city is calling for an applicant search.

So, a lot is going on.  I will pose this one question to be a wise guy, and let it not be a parting shot.  With the HR Director, Nagle, effectively gone, who will run the search for Mr. Morrissey’s replacement?  The Mayor appointed himself; I repeat that … the Mayor appointed himself the head of Development after Mr. Morrissey left.  Mr. Nagle is leaving, will the Mayor appoint himself?  Will the Mayor appoint Mr. Forrest?

If I may be so bold, I ask another question, based solely on my perception.  When the new Council sat, in the first few sessions, Mr. Forrest effectively tried to have a coup in the castle, removing the Mayor from power on a wide range of voting and procedural issues.  A brave move to bring more power and authority to the City Council, but in the end, this revolt was quickly put down. In the past few months, City Council President Forrest has remained amazingly silent and passive given the revolt he led in the first weeks.  Does anyone have a theory as to why that is?  I have posed the theory that Mr. Forrest is a highly qualified replacement for Mr. Morrissey.  Our city could do worse than a man with his pedigree.  It is possible to see this in two ways — laying low to not ruffle feathers so he can be seriously considered for the position, or the more inflammatory option being someone told him he would be considered or hired if he got on the team.

Since we are talking about HR and retirement and tomfooleryh, let us not forget about the Wendy Jasurda matter.  It now appears that many of the players from said lawsuit have left public service as a career.  Does this change the nature of the lawsuit, given the fact that these people are no longer employees?  If the lawsuit is lost, will those people deemed at fault, Morrissey and Nagle, have their pensions and future monies from the city affected?

I think the city faces growing pains, massive growth spurts that create pain and ill-fitting pants, and as a result, the HR Committee might be the committee that decides our collective future.

HR Committee Agenda-July 28

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