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Questions Intended to Make Your Feet Tingle and Your Hips Shake

by on August 1st, 2008

Recently I have fought with sleep patterns.  An active war, casualties, helicopters with red crosses, the whole nine yards.  I am left thinking that all we have to look forward to in this world, the only thing, is a nice blanket, pillows in the proper position, and hopefully a slight breeze to keep the warm to cool contrast sharp.
This week I am going to lead with a serious question, but as per my friend Sullie, I will try to keep it light.  Because apparently that is what people want.  So I pander.

  1. What do you think of this?  The Department of Homeland Security, the CIA for inside the borders, can now detain US citizens coming HOME from abroad, to inspect our electronic devices without cause or due process.  Are you concerned about your loss of rights?  It is funny that we would engage in a prolonged discussion about something like smoking (something trivial in my opinion), yet we have accepted this bill of goods that is giving up our rights in favor for security.  Who shall watch the watchers in America?  Where are your voices of dissent for this form of government interference in your life?  You think that they should not tell you how to poison yourself, but what about their direct attacking of your life and putting you in a cage so they can go through your iPod®?  Where is your outrage then?
  2. Do you go to the library?  I just paid off my fine (55 bucks or so) and got my new card.  I love the library.  I am going to try to write blog posts from there every week.  The librarians there are the smartest people on Earth and were treated badly by the county, yet they stayed and did their job.  Bill Coady turned me onto the library.
  3. Do you like puppies or kitties?
  4. What would you say to Brett “The Rich Guy” Favre if given ten minutes in private with him?
  5. Will the Brewers make the playoffs?
  6. Who was your high school valedictorian?
  7.  As a child or adult, did you read comics?  If so, do you like the direction of making the comic world more tangible and realistic?
  8.  Is it the heat or the humidity?  And you folks who are in Texas can pipe down on this one.
  9. Have you found Plurk?
  10. What gets your feet a-tingling and your hips a-shaking?  Cheryl feels inspired to do booty dances in the kitchen when Fergie’s London Bridge comes on. What does it for you?  Anything? Or are you dead inside?

That is it, my friends.  I am a man, off the sea of Greenland, in a skiff.

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