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Seven things to contemplate as summer wanes

by on August 8th, 2008

  1. Is there a band that you’ve seen numerous times, or would go see numerous times? I have a friend who’s going to see Dave Mathews for the 100th time this weekend. I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve seen Todd Rundgren … but I think it’s less than a dozen. I’d love to see Peter Gabriel again, since when I did see him I had a fever and passed out for part of the show. I’m going to go see the Crows (Counting, not Black) for the 3rd time this month. But 100… that’s like crazy to me.
  2. Facebook or myspace? Just in last two weeks, I’ve discovered so many long-lost friends through Facebook.
  3. Alex Tallitch’s wonderful post this week, “The Hoop,” reflects something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately. What age were you when you first really, truly grasped mortality? Teenagers always seem to think they’re immortal, but sometimes something happens and it shakes you real hard and makes you realize how tenuous it all is. Was there a specific event you can recall that did that to you? I was a senior in high school when my first real boyfriend was killed in a hang gliding accident. That was my moment.
  4. Mountains or Ocean? To me, the sea is like a big amazing life force. I am awed by it.
  5. In the warmth of summer, was this past winter really all that bad? It was for me. I’ve been here 9 winters and that was the worst yet.
  6. What’s the worst thing you’ve ever done? I met someone who wrote a book on that premise and it was also his ice-breaker question at parties. Being a good Catholic girl, I of course had nothing to offer him.
  7. On that note, have you ever been the subject of a really nasty rumor?

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