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Citizen Wausau: It is terrifying

by on August 11th, 2008

I really thought that this bit would be an easy one to write. I have spent the better part of the week trying to figure out exactly how I wanted to approach this. By the time all of the thinking had been thought, I still had absolutely no clue what would end up here.

So, I have my picture of an angry Henry Rollins in my head, and I have instead opted to forge ahead and get it done. By choosing honesty and spontaneity over the best laid plans, perhaps in the end the following paragraphs will say exactly what they were supposed to all along fotosen.

Explaining what Citizen Wausau means to me is complicated at best. At first, it was an experiment, yet another link sent by an old acquaintance, on that silly little site known as Facebook. I really had no clue how to operate a blog. I always considered blogs to be a diary of sorts, and I certainly wasn’t interested in keeping a daily account of a life that reminds me enough of its mere presence as it is. However, I made my first post, noted my confusion, and decided to pound away.

It’s doesn’t really matter what is left there now, and since you were smart enough to get to this here page, if you really want to find what resides there I am sure you are more than capable of locating it on your own download magix additional content. Those are things that are not significant to me right now. What is important is what I found along the way, and for me, what I ended up finding was something more important than anything that sits in my blog right now.

I found that this place is scary.

Seriously, there are some amazing people here, and it frightens me. The first time you hit the community button, you don’t realize that Citizen Wausau is more than a place to pen. In my experience it is a community in every sense of the word. It expands far past this page and into the vast expanse of social networks, technology, and life itself herunterladen. It is an open community, and if you take the time to talk to some its members, you will get invited into it as well.

Beware, it is bloodcurdling.

There are amazing writers here. People that do it for real reside here, and most of them that don’t certainly could explore that option if they ever chose to. When I open a page of Nealistically Speaking or A Stable Personality, I am often completely floored. That is only the beginning. Every page you open is stunning download windows 7 professional 32 bit. Each and every blog post is a view into the life of someone, someone who has donated it to the world. That on its own is spooky, no matter what synonym you use. I mean for gods sakes, this thirty-six-year-old former pothead spends time thoroughly enjoying a blog about editing and diaper changes, perhaps two of my least favorite things.

It is chilling.

What scared me most was a rogue poster named Katie. Her piece called “My Dada” may be the most miraculous thing I have ever read sword art online. It was powerful, it was astounding. It was fantastical. I stared at it for almost an hour.

It was frightening.

Perhaps the most unnerving aspect, is that I really hate to read. Crucify me if you will, but I am about as far away from a book guy as you can get. I prefer to read my laptop (which coincidentally is another reason to support your local library – they have the technology available for those who favor that route), indulging in the works that reside there instead. I even find the comment section of Citizen Wausau to be filled with amazing works of thought and writing.

Can I say crapping my pants on here?

Then, there are the behind the scenes people, the dedicated staff and heartbeat of the operation had. I still don’t know all of them, or what they do precisely, but those I have met alarm me the most. They are machines of progress and service to this community. You don’t have to write a whole lot to be amazing around here either.
Now I am not fluent in dorkenese at all, but this Andy Laub character has to be an artificial life form, something similar to the Terminator. When I first started writing here I could barely figure out how to fire up the options this site has to offer. I would often find myself irritated, spamming poor Andy with question upon question after coming to my wits’ end netflix movies download like. The poor guy took it all with a grain of salt, and answered each and every inquiry without hesitation and without ripping the apparent frustrated look right off my face, as I imagine he wanted to on more than one occasion. Like I said, I am not a tech guy, but I can barely run my own blog much less a hundred others. Even though he cancelled the best podcast on the planet, Andy Laub is tremendous, however you dice it.

It is fear provoking.

Do you know they have editors here? One is named Cheryl, and she scares me, too. She can take an article such as this one, and whip it into shape before you can say “red pen.” The most astounding thing is that she actually likes to do it herunterladen perfekt. She does it willingly. She does it without belittling, without regret, and without hesitation.

That is Freddy Kruger scary.

See what I did there? Probably not, but it is really funny to me.

Now if you think Freddy in a dark alley is scary, then you haven’t met Dino Corvino. I would say without hesitation that this thing called Dino is perhaps the most unique figure I have ever run across. If Santa Claus took up bare knuckle fighting, that would be perhaps the best explanation I can come up with. He is passionate, he demands the best, and he brings out the best as well download solitaire for free. I can’t begin to elucidate what Dino has meant to me. It goes further than words, so I won’t even try.

Dino is redoubtable.

There are many more, and I have yet to figure out their roles in the process. But, they all make this community an ominous place for me to be.

It is scary for me to be a part of something this positive. It is scary to be part of something this amazing. It is scary to realize that this thing called Citizen Wausau allowed me to participate in the phenomenon.

I often don’t feel worthy of the support I have received here, or the invitation to contribute that I have been given Download gimp for mac.

I feel out of place, out of my element, and most certainly out of my league.

Sometimes I feel like I can’t live up to the rest of the treasures I read every day.

Want to know the scariest thing of all?

None of them care about things like that.

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