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Your Voice: August 12

by on August 12th, 2008

Your Voice took a week off last week but we are back in the groove again, and really it is easy because there is so much good stuff being posted in the CW personal blogs:

•    Cheryl Mathis has a playground workout that probably lots of us could benefit from. I think she should put out a line of videos.

•    Welcome to the new blogger Stephenie and her blog “Adventures of a Midwest Sound Girl.” I’d expect a Midwest sound girl to have some pretty interesting adventures, so it will be fun to hear updates on bands she sees and other aspects of the Audio Life.  For instance, I have a question, why are bands always asking for more vocals in the monitor?  The vocal levels are fine, just chill out already with the asking for more vocals in the monitor, okay?

•    Soundtrack news on Erik’s movie.

•    Less word-posts, more pictures of puppydogs.  That is what this place needs.

•    Our own politicalactorvist has been to the United States Student Association’s Summer Congress and even drafted a resolution of some sort.

•    And Billie of the “A Stable Personality” blog reflects rather poetically on the physical aftermath of all that hay-stacking.

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