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Sidewalks, Parks and the YMCA

by on August 29th, 2008

If you’re like me, you’re always looking for a kick in the rear to get in another exercise. On the long list of priorities, exercising doesn’t seem as pressing as washing last week’s dishes.

Keep your eyes open, and you might get that kick. Recently, I was kicked when I started noticing how many of my fellow citizens are including exercise as a regular part of their day. Whether it’s the nightly dog walk or even the sweat-inducing jog, my neighbors are out there on the sidewalks, in the parks and going in and out of the Y. I applaud them.

If you live in town like I do, you know about all the community spaces. I get so inspired when I see those spaces used for a good workout. After all, what else should it be used for? We are a community of people, all struggling with something, and together we can support each other with our goals, even if it’s just an encouraging wave and friendly smile to someone who is trying to include fitness in one’s daily life.

I dare you to keep your eyes open this next week and count how many people you see using our community spaces to exercise, and I dare you to join them.

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