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Your Voice: Sept 9

by on September 9th, 2008

We must be out of the summer doldrums, because we have had a flurry of activity on the CW personal blogs. It is my pleasure to showcase a few, with the understanding that these links are merely a sampling, and that in fact you should be spending lots and lots of time exploring the Citizen Wausau community:

•    I really feel it’s necessary to start off this week with a shout-out to the Green Bay Packers News blog, because the football season is upon us.

•    Our own politicalactorvist, now a freshman at UW-Eau Claire, has a close call where he temporarily thinks an old friend died in a car crash. They didn’t, but the kid who did really, really did not have to.

•    With his movie premiere completed, the soon-to-be-Baltimorean Erik takes a moment to consider the work that went into it, and to write a bit about what it feels like to have a chance to step back and watch it as an audience member.

•    Tom Neal gears up for a radio show of protest songs with some thoughts on the form and a call for requests for his Thursday-night show.

•    And dcvoterboy considers the state of parking and policy in downtown Wausau.

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