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The Twitter Report: Community Awareness

by on October 6th, 2008

There are changes brewing behind the scene at Citizen Wausau. These are good, positive changes as we re-energize ourselves and rethink our focus and our outreach. One of the changes that already started is a new effort to become more visible in the social media. The first push is a dedication to Twitter. You can learn more about Twitter here. (

So what will a Citizen Wausau Twitter be about? It’ll be about local news and opinion. It’ll provide links to the latest blog entries and articles from people in the Wausau area and about Wausau issues. Every day, I’ll search the internet for new links for you, and I’ll periodically “tweet” those links to you.

Eventually, we’ll set up a widget or a display of what I’m twittering. For now, I’ll give you a sneak peek into the neat things I’ve found in the last couple of days.

WDH blogger breaks down the bailout bill for us.

KeithU from WDH shares his Grandpa’s marital advice.

Have you loved a breast today? October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Justin Loew explains frost advisories for local gardeners.

Jim Rosenberg blogs about the VP debate.

Jeff Thelen ponders the bailout.

Meet your favorite Citizen Wausau bloggers when blues god Scott Holt rocks The Fillmor on Oct 10.

WDH finds an end to the flame wars in the forums?

Note from Cheryl: If you know of a non-Citizen Wausau-hosted local blog, please leave the link for me in the comments. Thanks!

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