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Back to Life after a Week of Fear and Joy

by on November 7th, 2008

So, it’s Friday, the week of Barack Obama’s election, Dave Obey holding his seat, Donna Seidel holding hers, and Nate Myska making a very, very impressive first run.  The blisters on my feet are healing, I gave back all the flyers from the back of my car, and I feel pretty great about the effort.  On Monday when I looked at the maps, I had such a hard time finding a way for my candidate to get to 270 electoral college votes. It was so tough.

I hope personally that you took part in process.  Next, we must all give blood.  Or something.  I think we can all use a week off really, so I am going to Minocqua.  Who’s coming with me?

Let me ask you something totally random, with no serious overtones.

1.    Do you put cream and sugar in your coffee?  Cream and not sugar?  Sugar and not cream?  In college I roasted coffee for Stoney Creek Coffee when it was a start up, and I became a coffee purist.  I have always looked down my nose at the cream and sugar people.  Why not make milk with caffeine?

2.    What is your neighborhood haunt?  It does not have to be a bar, but let’s be fair – this is central Wisconsin, so it might just be.  Why do you like it?  How often do you go?

3.    I recently met Jeff Thelen, and I have to say he was surprisingly handsome in real life.  So, if you had to pick a most attractive newscaster who would it be?  Who is the most journalistically advanced, like Edward Murrow or Cronkite?  Who will be the next one to leave for a bigger market?

4.    Can you change your own oil?

5.    Do you own steel toe shoes?  Why?

6.    Have you seen this dude in the kilt?  He is like at every party?  And he hides beers in his kilt?  Have you seen this dude?

7.    If someone was going to have an all-day music fest, how much should it cost?

8.    If you were going to fix the Fillmor, what would you do?

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