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Climbing the Stairway to Heaven

by on November 10th, 2008

Isn’t the library really heaven? My children think so. They don’t even mind that they don’t serve french fries there.

Tonight after The Husband gets home from class, we’ll be piling into the car to go to the library so I can borrow another load of audiobooks. We’ll pull into the lower parking lot and hike up the stairs to the library, the nice new stairs that connect the main entrance of the library to the newly opened parking lot by the river.

What do you think of the new parking lot and the resulting stairs? Do you mind?

I guess the stairs might seem daunting to the elderly or people with prohibitive health issues. I know it’s certainly daunting to me if I’m lugging a one-year-old on my hip and trying to wrangle a two-year-old boy who may or may not be having a tantrum for some ungodly reason. Before the lower parking lot opened, I parked across the street in the parking garage and waited my turn to cross the street. That option is still open to me, but I kind of prefer the stairs to dodging traffic.

Here’s Cheryl’s Big Idea for the week. Mark a handful of parking spots in the upper parking lot as reserved for senior citizens and pregnant women. Hopefully people would respect those signs more than they respect the 15-minute-drop-off-only spots, which is hardly at all.

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