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A bakers dozen solutions for the downtown parking problem.

by on November 13th, 2008

So many cars, so few convenient parking spaces. We need solutions for the many who can’t find a handy spot for ol’ Sparky when they’re doing that downtown thing. How about:

1. To handle overflow, build several parking bridges spanning across the river. After all, it’s underused space. Nobody would miss it.

2. Heck, maybe re-route the river to send it around by the industrial park and use that whole darn old riverbed for free parking.

3. The Great Hall at the Grand Theater is often idle … why not put in garage doors?

4. Speaking of the Grand Theater itself, three words: removable folding chairs.

5. Actually pay motorists to use the various parking garages.

6. Or tear down those garages and create more street-level parking.

7. Hoists.

8. There must still be Prohibition-era escape tunnels down there.

9. The 400 Block, obviously.

10. Claim, by eminent domain, any and all private garages and yards in the immediate area, and gobble up Back When’s dining patio.

11. Eliminate at least one Asian restaurant … go from spring rolls to steamroller.

12. Drive-through lanes for every business.

13. If any storefront goes vacant, it’s outta here!

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