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Cheryl Presents Blogs You Should Know

by on December 3rd, 2008

Almost every morning, I spend a good deal of time on my laptop. I check my email, write something nice to my mom, start plurking, and read all of the updated local blogs on my list. I don’t “twitter” every single blog that updates, but nearly all of them. If you don’t have time to check out all of the links I find for you every day, here’s your alternative. Blogs You Should Know will let you know the best blog posts from the last few days.

Dr Rent thinks the speed trailer on Franklin St is poorly placed.
I have a hard time finding sympathy for people who speed in residential zones, but even I agree with him on the “going uphill” struggle. But again…. Please don’t speed in residential areas. Children make stupid decisions sometimes… like running out between parked cars. Be prepared for the unexpected, and it’s impossible to do that if you are going 40 in a 25.

Jayna Hintz at Woodson Wanderings has lots of little moments of joy in her life at work.
I had joy when I pulled the brownies out of the oven and when my daughter squealed at the Christmas lights. Later on, I had a laughter party with my kids while we were driving to the store. Laughter for the sake of noise, followed by a myriad peal of giggles and guffaws at the silliness of our laughter.

It reminds me of random acts of kindness and the thrill that gives. One year, I felt bad for a bell ringer outside of Fleet Farm on a night when it was near or below zero. I brought him a hot chocolate from McDonalds. I felt like I had won the lottery. So it is when you pull out bits of joy from the tapestry of your day.

Ann Liebmann shares a couple of her fallback recipes.
Once again, I feel stymied by my limited pantry. Someday I’ll have the funds to keep sun-dried tomato pesto in my cupboard. My fallback recipes usually include cream of mushroom soup and noodles. Let’s also not forget the constant “surprise” of scrambled eggs and hashbrowns on my dinner table more than once a week.

Do you have fallback recipes? My mom makes a concoction she calls American spaghetti. Or chipped beef on toast. Or a chicken casserole. Or a beef stew. Some days, it’s as basic as peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with our house.

Katie Rosenberg gives a melange of political tales, from a hunting Joe McCarthy to a pithy ad campaign.
The grandma story is my favorite. I think I’d spit out my cranberry sauce if my relative started spouting off memories like those.

It reminds me of some of my favorite college professors who would go on tangents about random events in their lives. All of a sudden they are name-dropping or describing something really spectacular. I’m left stunned and a little depressed at the ordinary-ness of my own life sometimes.

MsMamma transforms an innocent-looking child into a flying monkey.
Adorable… and more than a little creepy. A must-see photo again from this first-class photographer and blogger. Flying monkeys are cute, but come on. That’s scary! I love her photos, though. You should really add MsMamma to your blog reader.

428CJ describes the result of an ethics study of today’s teenagers.
Hmmm. It leads into fuzzy territory. I’m relatively certain I never cheated on a test in high school, but I lied to my parents lots. Stealing is absolutely wrong, cheating is abhorrent. Lying is unfortunate in the best of times.

What are you opinions on these issues? Where do you fall on the ethical fence?

Growing up, my cardinal rule was that I shouldn’t do anything I could get in trouble for. Add hormones and teenage drama to the mix, and that cardinal rule only held in certain academic situations, but it’s still something that comes back to me. The still small voice.

Chris Conley rebuts Mercutio’s diatribe against WSAU’s programming choices.
If you want an alternative to NPR, you listen to conservative talk radio. I personally love Catholic radio. It’s a delicious palate cleanser. I listened to a lot of Rush Limbaugh growing up in my parents’ house, and I still turn him on once in a while. Maybe it’s a matter of knowing what the opposition is talking about.

Keith U thinks that bike booties are the bestest things ever.
They certainly are … um … cute. But whatever works. Those serial-killer full face masks are also ridiculous looking, but so necessary. I enjoyed a lot of winter activities a lot more after I got one in high school. I don’t have one now because I fear it would frighten my children.

Speaking of which, I saw the dear bird girl walking down the street this morning, and she was wearing one of those face masks. See? It’s not just downhill skiers, and there is very little excuse for not walking when it’s cold outside.

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