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Friday Questions from oldwoodchair

by on December 12th, 2008

Today’s questions come to us from oldwoodchair. Thanks Terry!

1. Do you ever have repeated dreams?…you know, the same dream periodically throughout your life?  I never do, but I hear some people experience that.  But I do have dreams that I am dreaming.

2. I have a phobia about snakes….it is unreasonable and totally powerful.  I have no idea why I have it.  Do you have any phobias or fears that go beyond just a regular, understandable fear (like war, violence, loss, etc.)?

3. Speaking of weird psychological behavior, will you admit to any obsessive compulsive issues?  Like, I always place my paper money in my wallet facing the same way and right side up.  (OK…I don’t freak out if it’s not that way, but it just makes the universe more centered for me.)

4. I have 3 grown children who won’t eat anything with onions.  I love onions and grew up being told that they help prevent colds and cancer.  Do you like onions?

5. I’ve been married for like 107 years…in a row….to the same person.  Do you believe in true love and that it is a magical destiny to be with that one soul mate in the universe, or that it is a more logical mutual respect and peaceful co-existence with someone that fits well into the life that you live and share?

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