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Introducing Our New Food Critic

by on January 21st, 2009

Some are passionate about their work, some about their play. I’ve been lucky enough to find both of these at the same place… the kitchen. As an artist paints with oils, acrylics and brushes, a musician with instruments, amplifiers and lyrics, the poet with his usage of words and emotions, I find my palette, score and paper to be constructed of flour, pancetta and artichokes. I totally live for the food experience. Guess you’d call me a hopeless but lucky foodie.

I did not attend a culinary school, though most of my colleagues have. I learned the old fashioned way, on the job. I have been in and out of the food business since I was a young boy of 15, and it is the only place where I feel both content and creative at the same time. I study more about food than I ever did in any educational facility I have ever attended; my thirst for the knowledge never wanes.

Working in a kitchen is unlike most jobs. Every time you make a dish it absolutely has to be the best dish you have ever placed in a bowl or on a plate… it must look like a work of art and taste of heaven. I demand it when I dine out (especially with the current state of finances in these trying times), and my customers deserve the best that I can possibly offer. Every single dish must be stellar, for a cook’s reputation is all he/she has in this field. One big mistake could possibly ruin you and the restaurant you love to work for. You are always being judged and there are no second chances. Sound pretty stressful to you? Trust me, it is.

In the coming months, I will visit many restaurants in the Wausau area and will do my very best to give you unbiased reviews of what I think about these businesses. I will not tell you a place is perfect or even above average when I feel it is not. If it merits a rave review, I will do my best to give their gastronomic excellence its due. You may not agree with my opinion and you can respond to my reviews with all the fervor that I put into the post myself.

I will also share some of my feelings about the daily life of a kitchen worker and what drives us. I’ll take you on a journey into my world, the good and bad and sometimes, the ugly.

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