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Four Questions After the Oscar Nominations

by on January 23rd, 2009

The Oscar nominations were announced recently. Shawn Sullivan called them a travishamockery. Since I saw very few, if any, movies this year, I didn’t pay much attention. I watch the Academy Awards just to look at the pretty dresses. Life is funny that way. I have two kids, a husband, a job, hobbies, an avid intellect, but I still have the same cheap thrills as I did when I was a little girl: a fascination with red carpet fashion and an insane devotion to Mike and Ikes. Here are some questions to kick off your weekend.

1. My husband and I often have long conversations inspired purely by bumper stickers we see while driving. The latest one, “Real Catholics Don’t Vote Pro-Abortion,” lasted two hours. Some stickers are funny, some are crude, some are hopeful, some are political. What bumper stickers are memorable for you? Do you have bumper stickers on your vehicle? Have you ever?

2. In the driving theme, I’m curious about something. What do you all do in the car on a trip of an hour or more? We listen to audiobooks. My sister and I would sing along with the radio at the top of our lungs. When I was little, I would play the license plate game (the shining glory of my collection was a plate from Hawaii). What do you do?

3. My husband and Dino have challenged each other to a Biggest Loser contest over the next six weeks. The weigh-in is on Monday. I am an unofficial participant. This morning, I had no problem getting up the energy to exercise, but I had a mighty craving for donuts afterwards. What do you find more difficult? Eating healthy or exercising on a regular basis?

4. For a segment of the population this week, patriotism has been flying high. In honor of the inauguration of a new president, here’s a political question. What do you think the American dream is today versus what it was in 1776?

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