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You Are What You Eat

by on January 29th, 2009

We are officially four weeks into the New Year and many of you are probably wondering about your progress of fulfilling that resolution of losing weight in 2009.  How will that body fat really melt off?  Do you have to spend more hours at the gym?  Why is that nothing seems to be happening, or, if it is, why is it happening so slowly?  The answer lies in the fact that “you are what you eat.”

Day after day people will tell me all of the insane amounts of exercise that they are doing but yet they are not producing results to slim their waistline or build precious metabolism increasing lean muscle mass.  The most effective answer to all of these questions is simply “you are what you eat.” You can spend endless hours at the gym running like a hamster in a wheel, but if you are not eating correctly, you are essentially wasting your time at the gym download youtube video as mp3. Sure, that sounds discouraging, but it’s the truth.

For every calorie burned during a workout, most of us are replenishing when we leave the gym by eating calorie-loaded foods.  Take, for example, a tablespoon of peanut butter at an average whopping 110 calories of pure fat calories versus a bag of frozen broccoli that amounts to the same amount of calories with zero fat and loads of fiber which means there is zero potential for body fat to increase.  Also consider the fact that if you’re going to eat peanut butter, it is not likely that you will simply have one tablespoon, it’s more like two to four tablespoons on a high glycemic food such as bread or bagels.  Wheat bread, peanut butter and the like are all healthy, however from a caloric intake and blood glucose perspective, they are a body fat increasing nightmare that really works against you hisense en2bi27h apps.
All in all I want each of you to have success in your general health and fitness goals. Do your homework, exercise your brain and find out the truth about the foods you consume download itunes tv. That alone will be your greatest tool for weight loss or muscle building success.  Know that it’s not exercise alone that will cause physical change .. microsoft word 2010 kostenlos downloaden vollversion deutsch. it is really the fact that you are what you eat.

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