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8 Questions that think Arsenio Hall was Never Really Funny

by on February 27th, 2009

1.  At work this week, we ended up talking EXTENSIVELY about skin care in the cold.  Some folks took vastly different steps to ensure proper skin care in the winter months in Wisconsin, while others simply did the same things.  Do you do anything different?


2.  I had a dream about winning the lottery.  Two questions, do you think dreams have meaning?  If you one the lottery, and had to buy one building in Wausau, what building would it be?  You can only buy one building.  You can see my blog entry about lottery winning in my other blog here.


3.  Do you keep a blog here on Citizen Wausau?  Do you have a blog elsewhere?


4.  With all the talk about money, loss of jobs, and all of that, do you feel that you have less money or your money has less power these days?  Are you concerned for your future?


5.  In honor of Jim Rosenberg (this is a little old school), would you rather be stuck out in the sea in a row boat or a small sailing skiff?


6.  For Christmas this year I was given a fishing pole.  My first one.  I realized I do not really have any hobbies.  Do you have any hobbies?  My friend Pat Peckham turns wood and makes gorgeous pens. What do you do?


7.  Do you think monkeys are really stronger than people?  I mean, have you ever seen a fistfight between a monkey and a person?  Or have you ever seen a monkey in the gym?  How can we really know?


8.  This past weekend I lept from the wagon and drank a significant amount of wine with an old friend.  It was shockingly cleansing to be drunk.  At one point I lost my hearing, and that seems bad.  But, do you think that from time to time, we as people need to do something just to shake the weight off of our souls or our shoulders?  How do you do that?  And for the record, I liked both Shiraz and Chardonnay.

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