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Five Questions to Air Out the House

by on March 6th, 2009

1. Have you ever protested or picketed anything in town? 

The Family Planning Clinic on 1st Ave. has people outside with signs in response to banners on the building advertising “Condoms Save Lives.” One sign I saw this morning said “Purity + Abstinence = Wise Choice.” I don’t have the heart to explain the banners or the picketers to my curious 3-year-old son each morning as we drive by. I realize I’ve never protested like this against anything, and I wouldn’t do it over condoms.

2. Where is the best place in town to watch the sun rise and set? 

In response to a set of earlier questions, yes, I have an extensive bucket list. It’s in a notebook where I store momentos of my tasks, like a bulletin from the Latin Mass I attended for the first time. It ranges from quiet, easy activities such as “Watch the Godfather trilogy” (completed now) and “Learn a card trick” to more adventurous, expensive things like “Go on an African safari” and “See a play on Broadway.” Despite going through the college experience of drinking and being out until dawn, I have never actually sat down to watch the sun rise or set, and this is on my bucket list. Where is the nicest place in town to see this? Is this sort of activity better done with a loved one or alone? Is it better to do this during a certain season?

3. When was the last time you went to the mall? What stores do you frequent there, and about how much do you spend?

I am not really a shopper. I buy things I need, often small things I want, but I don’t use shopping to cheer myself up, and I don’t give myself makeovers or any thing of that sort to make myself feel better. I basically only go to the mall now so my children can play there, visit Santa or the Easter bunny and ride on the little machines. What do you do there most?

4. Which hotels or inns in the area do you recommend to visitors?

As a wife of a teacher and coach, I am insanely relieved once winter sports are done each year. My husband coaches football, then wrestling, and I’m on point with the kids each night and many Saturdays until he gets home from practices, conferences and meets. I like to allow myself a weekend getaway to celebrate making it through another grueling season, and I think this year, I’d like to stay in town, possibly at a bed and breakfast.

5. Do you enjoy your job? Would you leave your job if you could?

I do. It’s tedious and I’m not saving the world, but I get a sense of contentment from it. I enjoy working, I think I’m good at it, and I can pack up at the end of the day and go home to enjoy my family. With the economy suffering, I think a lot of people are settling in jobs they don’t enjoy because they need to pay bills, and I’m hearing a lot more complaints from people about work.

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