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Exercise Expels the Economic Anxiety in Local Gyms

by on March 10th, 2009

Both words in this title stir up so much controversy these days that you almost wonder if they replaced the “F” word with the “E” word (Economics or Exercise).

Before I go into how economics and exercise go together I’m going to go off on a rant and tell you that I do not believe in allowing anything negative to draw me a conclusion on any given topic. With that being said I firmly believe that the economy situation is only as “bad” as you allow yourself to believe it is.

Let me draw a picture…. John gets laid off at his job and immediately thinks, “This is the worst thing that could ever happen to me right now. I have a ton of bills to pay and no job!” Bob gets laid off and says to himself, “This is just what I needed; some time off to do the things I need to do.” In all reality John is stressed and Bob is relieved. John is most likely living “the good life” with the nice house, car and numerous other things that require his financial commitment while Bob most likely lives a modest life with minimal things and a decent “nest egg” to keep him going so he can somewhat enjoy this time of rest in his career.

During these economic struggles I’ve seen a vast increase in the number of people who are now just beginning to surrender their time to their benefit by attending local gyms and working on their health through other various activities. Suddenly now that people do not have jobs, etc., they’ll improve their health by committing their free time to the much needed activity that they didn’t have time for before. Those who are stressed about their work or financial situation are now using exercise as a way to expel all of the stressful buildup that they feel inside. This is another “Positive” that I am beginning to see.

All in all I would suggest that we all focus on what we do have some control over, the very thing that will make our lives as rich and fulfilling as possible, and that is to work on ourselves both inwardly and outwardly through our health and fitness. There is never any good excuse for not doing that, and the economic standpoint sure is not one of them either.

Look at the economic flow as a parallel to human life; there is a time for work and a time for rest.

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