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Three Questions to Kick April into Gear

by on April 3rd, 2009

1. What piece of advice would you give to a much younger “you” so that something would be a less painful experience?

My initial reaction to this question was that I try not to live with regrets, that even if awful things happened or I did really dumb things, they made me who I am today, so therefore, they aren’t inherently wrong. But really, I think that’s bull. I may love and accept myself now, but I still have a more highly refined compass now than I did back then. So I would tell myself to stay away from student organizations in college so I could focus on my studies, finish my degree and avoid some rather terrible experiences.

2. What is your strongest April memory?

Four years ago, my dad went into the ICU on my birthday at the end of April. Turns out, he had colon cancer and congestive heart failure. It was a very memorable time for a lot of reasons. I learned how much I would miss him (he’s fine now) and how my relationship with my parents differs from that of my siblings. For a happier memory, I loved having a week-long birthday celebration in college once. And on my birthday, I walked around campus with balloons floating up from my backpack.

3. Who are your top five greatest people (celebrities and non-celebrities)?

My Mom
My friend Dorothy
Mister Rogers
My husband
Whoever makes the crab rangoons at Chang Garden

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