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by on April 9th, 2009

I spent last week in New York City for my job.  It was an inspiring time, and an inspiring place.  You see, I had been to New York before, but had not actually spent anytime in Manhattan.  This week was all spent in Manhattan around a group of people who have literally spent their whole lives being inspiring.  The weight of these people was overwhelming, and, coupled with New York City, I still have not recovered.

One of the threads that came up repeatedly was the concept of being worthy.  What are you worthy of?  What are your expectations?  What do you as a citizen of America think you are worthy of?

That seemed like a massive overreaching sort of question for Citizen Wausau, but I think that the concept of worthy is something that we can explore, have a discussion about, and work on together.

The other day I saw a photo of Mayor Tipple at the new bus unveiling.  This brought me to two ideas.  1.  Who is Mayor Tipple?  Seriously, I know the guy.  Meaning I have met him, spent some time.  I like the guy.  But as a mayor, he has not talked to the public very often.  He is not on the record in the newspaper or on the television very often.  Are we not worthy of a mayor who is willing to speak in public?  2.  Why do buses not run in the evening?  I live in Weston, and I have to actually leave early to get the bus to get home.  It takes me 90 minutes on the bus to replace a 10-minute car ride.  I am committed to the bus, and I like the ride since I can listen to podcasts (like The Insophisticate), but I dislike having to leave work early.

So this brings me to this question: What sort of city government is this medium town worthy of?  Do we expect too little of the government?  Do we expect too much?  With the scandals of the past few years, are we not paying attention after the garbage with Nagle, Morrissey, Fish, Jasurda, Van De Yacht, that guy who investigated something, the Janet Herring anti-skateboarding plan, the reshaping of downtown, the loss of business downtown?

What do you want from your City Council in the way of transparency, and are you getting it now?

What are you worthy of from your City Government?

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