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He did it again

by on April 10th, 2009

Once again Mayor Jim Tipple has sought to stop the transmission of open records that are legally supposed to be available for review. This is officially an “again,” as he did this not too long ago and apologized for his own mistake.

Now it has become a trend of a mayor refusing to give the media access to information that they are legally allowed to have. ONCE AGAIN. Let us understand this, he is literally doing the same thing, again. AGAIN. A SECOND TIME. RETURNING TO THE BEHAVIOR THAT WAS WRONG BEFORE. Again.

According to a piece in the Wausau Daily Herald by DJ Slater today, a request was made of the mayor, officially and through proper channels, of the mayor regarding the new Development Director candidates, and the mayor refused the request for public information. In the article experts are cited, the legal matters are discussed, and the mayor and his track record are mentioned.

The question is this then: Is this intentional stonewalling on the part of Mayor Tipple at this point? I think we all gave him the credit for the first mistake, which he apologized for, but this second time appears to be a trend. Is this mayor defying the media and the people for some other reason? What justification can there be for not giving the people something they are legally allowed to have?

I want to point out that one of the core values of this City Council is transparency. Where is your transparency, Mayor Tipple? Where are you? This is a legal request, made by a paper of record in this community. To refuse them is to show your disregard for the people and the legal obligations of your position as an elected official.

Being a mayor is not running a department or running a private company. The position of mayor is held to a different set of rules. A mayor must abide by them. To defy them is to defy the people and to demean the office.

When will someone stand up on the City Council and do the right and legal thing?

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