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Ten Things you did not know about Wausau

by on April 22nd, 2009

For the record, I do not know if any of these are true, but they might be.  I hope we can avoid reading too much into this.

1.    Wausau’s favorite band was, is, and always will be They Might Be Giants.  It was Wausau’s first concert as a teen, and the geek love just never faded.
2.    Wausau once got into a yelling match with Wisconsin Dells at Color Rama (oh the old days) over a girl.  No one liked Dells that much at the time, they were doing cotton candy and were out of control.  No one ended up getting a date with the girl.
3.    Wausau once got its nose broke breaking up a fight at T’s Roadhouse in Tomahawk.  Tom Lecht thought Wausau was a good dude after that.
4.    Wausau took swimming lessons in a lake, and as such, is not afraid of leeches.
5.    Wausau always wanted to be a painter but never had the eye for it.
6.    Wausau was Auburndale for a part-time job in college.
7.    Wausau sometimes wishes that Astroturf was never invented and thinks it must hurt a lot to play football on it.
8.    Wausau, sadly, is not a fan of Big Ten schools.
9.    Wausau loves to go to the movies.  Any movie.  The popcorn and the previews might be enough for Wausau.
10.    Wausau does not floss nearly enough, but thinks that mouth rinse is going to protect Wausau’s teeth.

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