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More 400 Block-iness

by on April 28th, 2009

So, far be it from me to give props to the cats at 550 AM, but, today I happened to have nothing in my car to listen to on the drive to work.  So, I was trapped.  I turned it on, and bang, they were talking about the 400 Block.

It appears from this agenda item that this City Council has once again sought to move forward on the 400 Block.  Now, according to sources, there is a completed project and the design will be approved tonight.  This, according to a source within City Hall, is the final step of discussion prior to the actual spending of the money.

What will happen next?  Well, the city will approve this design, and then the city will go seek out bids for the work.  A casual estimate from a city employee in the know is around a million bucks into this project.

So, I am broke nowadays.  The insurance companies are gone, the banks are failing, I think ReMax has the entire state of California listed in this month’s Buyers Guide, and our City Council wants to move forward and spend money.  How does it work that our state is in a budget deficit, that one of our local school district had to seek a line of credit for the first time, and our City Council seems to be able to spend freely?

When I asked about that at City Hall, the universal response was … eh, no idea.

So, we just hired a new Development Director, we are facing a giant settlement in the Van De Yacht matter, and your City Council once again seeks to defy popular discussion and move forward with a 400 Block construction in a time of economic recession?  To quote Seth Meyers from SNL … “Really?!?”

You can see the item on the agenda below.  If you are interested, you could possibly email your City Council reps.

Council Agenda

Council Addendum

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