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Keep the Focus Where it Belongs

by on May 15th, 2009

Tuesday, we found that a young man was arrested in the murder of Breanna Schneller.  It was a heinous crime and the community is rightly shocked by this.  We have also found out that the individual alleged to have committed this crime is in this country illegally, and many people have chosen to focus on this fact and seemingly forgotton the focus…grief for a young life taken too soon.

I’m not saying that the debate regarding illegal immigration has no place in this story.  It most certainly does.  In fact, for the community to heal, it will become necessary to engage in an intellectually honest discussion about the issue.  I fear that making this story about this young man is simply losing focus  Rather, this time should be about this young woman, her family, and other people she touched in her life.  How can we help them and progress their healing?

I’ve already seen places like The Wausau Daily Herald Message Boards with The calls to action, and how we must now deport anyone we think may be an illegal alien.  I acknowledge this country does have immigration problems, but we shouldn’t allow this tragedy to be the mantle of the illegal immigration zealots who choose not to have a discussion, but only to yell at the top of their lungs about how their way is the only way.

Instead, let’s help the healing, and have this discussion, a real discussion, about immigration in our city, state, and country.  Let’s move past the discourse and come up with real ideas and not just rhetoric.

Let’s do this, but first, let’s remember Breanna Schneller, who clearly touched so many lives in her short time here.  Let’s be there for her family and keep the focus where it needs to be, today.

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