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Some Friday Questions

by on May 15th, 2009

This has been a tough week in Central Wisconsin.  We have an wildly increasing murder and domestic violence rate compared to prior years, local scandal is reaching pandemic scale, and well we have what was initially thought to be a pandemic but now is appears to be a lot of similarly sick people, but we might turn that into a pandemic once flu season starts.  So, maybe we should look to Friday Questions for a little relief.

1.  Who do you consider a mentor?  We all model ourselves or have people guiding us, who has guided you or been an inspiration to you?  Give thanks to those that got us here.

2.  What is your favorite song to sing?  I think it is fair that most human beings entertain a love of singing in private, and some in public, so do you have something that you truly like to sing?  If you are a performer, what song has meant a lot to you?  And why?

3.  Are you carrying h1n1 flu around with you?

4.  What is your favorite color?

5.  What is your favorite literary experience?  Or, what is your favorite book?

6.  Do you have a favorite magazine?  Recently someone gave me an old issue of Vanity Fair, and I sat and read it.  I realized how amazing Vanity Fair is, and how many magazines pale in comparison.

7.  Do you think our local news media does a good job in covering the events of the day here in Central Wisconsin?

Have a good weekend.

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