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Volunteer to Feel Connected

by on June 4th, 2009

Oh the nervous excitement. Oh the glorious tension of wondering what will come next.

No, I didn’t sign up for an online matchmaker site. I signed up at United Way’s Volunteer Connection site, and I sent out some emails to local organizations offering my limited time and skills to help with something … ANYTHING … in my community.

I live in a large neighborhood full of homes, full of families and elderly people, full of needs and small ways where someone like me could help them. I could bring over a meal, wash their kitchen floor, change their sheets. I want to get connected.

As a family we’ve been exploring the wonderful world of gardening this year, and we would love to get involved on a community level. I want to get connected to that as well.

I think it takes a village to raise a child, and it takes a village to make a community. Each of us has our own skill set, even if it’s just knowing how to use the internet (yes, I’m talking to you). We each have ways we can contribute to our fellow man, to our neighbors, to our community as a whole or to an individual community member. Opening up our lives and our schedules to someone else or something else is a vital part of life, I think. We should always be open to change, to something better, to something deeper. I hope I am.

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