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Some Questions Prior to Watching Fireworks

by on July 3rd, 2009

I suppose that this might be while watching fireworks as right now Sarah Palin is on television going on and on about resigning or saving Alaska, or really just Obama being a bad guy and how we need to support the troops.  Honestly, I have no idea what she is talking about.  But, there she is, talking on July 3rd.

1.  My good friend Pat Peckham is off to Montana for a few weeks.  I am inspired by both Montana and vacation.  What was the longest true vacation you have taken?  Let us not count that time you could not get a job for a year.

2.  My main man Rob Mentzer and I talked after he was out in his yard doing yardwork today.  Do you do that sort of thing?  Do you garden?  Have you been to the community garden?  I grow tomatoes.

3.  Does your job provide you with a business card?  What do you do with them?

4.  Are you aware of any large scale wi-fi hotspots within the city?  For example, we have the Balloon Rally happening, is that wi-fi’d out there?

5.  What kind of vacuum cleaner do you use?

6.  I just read a book by Neil Strauss called “Emergency” about preparing for the end of America. Do you think we should get ready?  Do you have any of that trepidation?

7.  My main man Adrian is a mechanic on large trucks and engines (I think, so if I got that wrong, Adrian, I am sorry).  I have spent a lot of time around the guy, and I really have a giant admiration or man crush on him for his self-sufficiency.  He has travelled the world, and he can do everything.  He is a skilled craftsman.  Is there anything you wish you could do, in the traditional trade crafts like plumbing, pipe fitting, finish carpentry, etc?

8.  Are we moving away from that sort of country, and into a nation of webmasters and baristas and reality TV shows?

9.  What do you think of Shawn Duffy, former reality TV show star, taking on David Obey?

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