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The Vote

by on August 11th, 2009

Like a gun fight in a cowboy movie, tonight’s City Council meeting figures to be a single vote, big crowd, no one caring about anything but the principal action item sort of night.

We have belabored this discussion for a long time. I have gone so far as to switch sides, but I still retain the blame of the Mayor and the Council for the reason this is so bungled.

So, one side is claiming that the 400 Block is the needed spark of progress, and a little spending to get that started is the way to go. They further have talked about private partnerships to raise the funds. They have made the claim that this will bring opportunity to the city, bring pride to downtown, will look to the future.

The other team, well they want to be seen as fiscally responsible, and make sure that in these tough times that we are not spending money that we do not need to spend. They want fairness for the city, and they want to not see the money spent in such a focused manner.

The voices of progress versus the voices of fiscal responsibility. Interesting thing to look to as a conflict.

Here is the rumor for tonight, just in case you want to add intrigue. Rumor has it that Councilman Kaiser is going to introduce the amendment that will say that tax money cannot used for this project. I believe the exact language is, “Use No Tax Money”.

The issue with that, Councilman Kaiser, is that there is already money set aside for this project. Not a lot of money, but money nonetheless. The inclusion of this amendment will make that money go away. It is money that exists for this purpose. How about redrafting your amendment this afternoon?

Progress versus Fiscal Responsibility?

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