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We are Going Down

by on September 9th, 2009

Citizen Wausau launched in October of 2007, and while we’re not a household name, we feel that we’ve managed to make at least somewhat of a mark on the community. We’ve had some good times, but now that we’re nearing our second anniversary, the consensus is that it’s finally time to take the site down….and replace it with a new one.

That’s right! We’ve got a shiny new version of Citizen Wausau that we’re just itching to unleash. Of course, no site (re-)launch is without its hassles, and so we ask of you, the reader, to bear with us during what will probably be about a week (or less) of downtime as we put the old site out to pasture and get the kinks worked out of the fancy-schmancy new one.

After we return, please bear with us through what will hopefully be a mercifully short beta period while we get all the kinks worked out that we missed until people actually started using the site.We don’t have an exact schedule, but expect the site to begin its hibernation sometime on Friday.

We’ll be sure to Twitter away when it’s back. And if you’re following us in RSS, you’ll see a post when we return.

Thanks for all your support so far, and we can hardly wait for all of you to check out the new digs!

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